Hair Loss

Hair loss refers to a situation where hair falling off the head or where the head gradually loses hair with time. In most cases it called alopecia or baldness which involves loss of hair in some parts of the head or body. This loss may be as a result of various factors including hereditary in situation of a bald, certain therapies, diseases, imbalanced hormones or malnutrition. Most of these factors can be avoided or treated.

The best solutions to hair loss

Consider hair oil massage

Massage has been known to be a workable therapy that helps every part of the body to function optimally and become active again. Massaging your scalp with appropriate hair oil is the best way to ensure the hair hormones are functioning well and avoid hair loss. This work by enhancing increased flow of blood to the hair follicles that will deliver the much-needed nutrients to aid in the healthy growth of the hair, making them healthy and avoid hair loss.

Stop over-using hair styling chemicals and treatment

Using chemicals to treat your hair may work but overusing them will bring a lot of problems that will trigger hair loss. Most hair chemicals have the slight scorching effect that may affect the hair roots if frequently used in large amounts to treat hair. This will no doubt cause a massive hair loss that might prove to be hard to reverse.

Have your hormones regularly checked

Hormonal imbalance is a major cause of hair loss to many people. This can be as a result of a variety of factors that needs to be controlled to avoid hair loss. It has been proved that Androgenetic Alopecia is caused by a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone. Various tests can help to determine the cause of the hormonal imbalance or activity and effective remedies administered to bring them to normal levels. This, in turn, will prevent further hair loss.

Use laser hair therapy

There are types of brushes referred to as low-level laser light brushes that works by stimulating the hair follicles and in turn makes the hair cells to be active and grow healthy. The combs enhance the follicle stimulation which is ideal for hair energy cells to supply nutrients to power healthy growth of the hair.

Treat the cause of the hair loss

Ensure you find the real cause of the hair loss and work on treating it to prevent further loss of hair. This will ensure a long-term solution to the hair loss as it is always affirmed that treat the disease, not the symptoms.