Understanding the Causes of Skin Aging

skin aging

Taking care of your skin at an early age is essential. This will make your skin look young and healthy even when you are at the age of 40. Different people have various goals when it comes to their health. However, if you want to set your goals, one of the aims should be keeping your skin healthy and young. But how do you accomplish that? This is very simple. You will learn the best anti-aging tips and ensure that you understand how to prevent it. But first, know what causes skin aging.


woman smokingTobacco or cigarette smoke is one of the major contributors to skin aging. Therefore, if you have chosen to smoke, make sure that you cease and think about your health. This will help you, and you are likely to have healthy skin. Research has shown that most people who do smoke, develop leathery skin and deeply wrinkled than nonsmokers. Also, smokers develop an unhealthy yellowish tone more especially to their complexion.


There are many types of pollution in urban areas, and this has also been another cause of skin aging. Pollution creates free radicals that have been stripped from their electrons. Oxygen molecules are the free radicals that are created. Due to this, these molecules will look for replacements electrons, and they will settle on your skin components such as collagen. Therefore, this how pollution can cause skin aging.


Skin aging can come from something that one cannot control. But even though our skin aging will mimic the way our parent’s skin aged, there are many ways you can still consider to prevent skin aging or have a skin that is looking healthy and young for many years. Once you have realized that you have bad skin genes, ensure that you consider the best anti-aging skincare basics that will help you to prevent this condition. But once most people realize this, they do not look for effective prevention ways.

Sun Damage

basking on the sunIt is essential to understand that the sun can age your skin more than anything else. This means that the sun will cause leathery skin, age spots, and even wrinkles. It’s not wrong to bask in the sun, but you should know that direct sunlight will damage your skin. Therefore, avoid exposing yourself directly on the sun because this will cause skin aging. These, therefore, are the primary causes of skin aging and learn how to prevent it.